The First Airdrop Event

In order to reward individuals who actively participated in the building of the WannaSwap ecosystem, we are pleased to give to community 50,000 $WANNA through “The 1st Airdrop Event”.


Click on the link below and complete the steps specified therein.


How to tier and award prizes

The person who has completed all the steps as specified in will be determined tier follow his wallet address. Each tier will have a different reward (as shown in the table below).

The determining tier will be based on the amount of $WANNAx staked in the farming pool of that wallet address during the 14 days of the event.

The reward for each participant will be the total reward of that tier divided equally by the number of eligible participants belonging to that tier.

Note: The amount of WANNAx is only accepted if it is locked to the pool.

The system will randomly snapshot (many times per day) the amount of WANNAx of wallets in the pool for 14 days. Then calculating the 14-day average, this value is the score to determine tier of participants.

Example of scoring for each wallet:

  • Day 1: Snapshot 10 times => 10 results are saved.
  • Day 2: Snapshot 5 times => 5 results are saved.

On the 14th day, the system took a total of 120 snapshots, but the wallet only had 100 results (meaning that, at the time the system performed snapshot of those 20 times the wallet has withdrawn WANNAx from the pool. The result of those 20 times will be 0). Based on that, the system will calculate the average score of the wallet in 120 snapshots and determine tier.


  • The time of the snapshot is random within the day — without notice.
  • The number of snapshots in each day is not the same and will not be notified in advance.
  • We will only take snapshots of wallet addresses registered at Wallet addresses that are not registered (even if locked $WANNAx) or registered after the snapshot will be counted as invalid. So that you should register your wallet address first to ensure your own interests.
  • Recommendation: Participants should keep WANNAx during the 14 days of the event to maximize their score.


Start — 15:00 UTC DEC 14th, 2021.

End — 15:00 UTC DEC 28th, 2021.

Result — 15:00 UTC JAN 1st, 2022.

Award — 15:00 UTC JAN 28th, 2022.